The secret of Thai bodywork

The answer is that it enables you to press your muscles and to balance eneryg levels. This is what affects flexibility and equalizes the effects of muscles in both sides of the body. The amount of movement a muscle can produce at a joint is determined by the difference between its length when relaxed and when fully contracted. When muscles are tense they become shorter, this can happen through overworking them, by not using them enough or it could be due to emotional tension. Whatever the cause it may be, the end result is progressively more restricted movement and the onset of stiffness, aches and pains which are all characteristic of the ageing process. Muscles that shorten and become tense create uneven forces on the spine, this in turn creates back pain, neck pain and headaches. Whit its unique ability to stretch all the most important muscles in the body systematically Thai manipulations enable you to achieve effects which are unlike those of any other bodywork.