Thai bodywork in practice

The many techniques using in Thai bodywork are all designed to facilitate and stimulate the flow of intrinsic energies and to release blockages that would otherwise preclude the attainment of balance that is essencial for maintaining a healthy, pain-free body in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one's being.

Thai bodywork treatment

Thai bodywork is, above all else, and intimate and warm experience and it should be carried out in an environment which promotes these features. A warm well ventilated room with diffused lighting is most conductive to the meditative state of the Giver and the relaxation of the Receiver. As the bodywork is carried out on the floor, a soft but supportive mat or blanket shold be used, together with a thin pillow to support the receiver head Thai bodywork is applied to the clothed body. Before starting the Thai practitioner says a prayer to the Father of Medicine asking for guidance and help in relieving the physical and emotional pain in the patient. The receiver can say a prayer too if he wish. The duration of the session can take from an hour to two and half hours.

Contraindications to Thai massage

Serious heart conditions, high blood pressure or cancer
Thai bodywork is unsuitable for those who suffer from brittle bones (osteoporosis)
People with artificial joints such as hip or knee replacement.
Those suffering from skin conditions such eczema, psoriasis, etc should not receive
Thai bodywork on the affected areas
Varicose veins should not be deeply massaged
The sequence of postures must be modified for Pregnant women