Mary Siegel (personal trainer and nutritional advisor, Pilates Instructor, mat and equipment, Thai Yoga practitioner) discovered her love for fitness years ago when she got certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Counselor. At that time, she realized that working different muscle groups did not reflect the real dynamic of the human body.

She studied Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC and Thai Yoga bodywork with Jonas Wresting. Combining both techniques, she reached an integrated knowledge of the Mind and Body connection. It is exciting and motivating to explore the human body's movement efficiency and to see how gaining body awareness and observing people's breathing patterns can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

After a serious accident that left her with several herniated discs in the neck, and chronic pain, in addition to being diagosed with Fibromyalgia, she turned to movement as the only option to work through the pain and keep her body functional. The Pilates approach brought some relieve to stiffness and pain, plus the added benefit of the breathing techniques that helped with the stress and anxiety of a chronic condition. Through personal experince, Mary believes that Pilates is a great tool in the treatment of many conditions and it is her hope that the popularity of the method outgrows the fitness fad and is brought into the clinical practice as an aid in rehabilitation.