Pilates is a complete fitness method and when performed regularly positively changes the body. It combines awareness and articulation of the spine, proper breathing and strength and flexibility training. Currently the Pilates Method is used internationally by individuals at all levels of fitness as well as by golfers, skaters, tennis players, dance companies, sports teams, physical therapists and fitness enthusiasts.

This technique teaches body connection, as well as a deeper sense of self. Injuries often occur where the body compensates for developmental imbalances or trauma. Pilates is a wonderful tool for addressing these problems. With a better understanding of the injury or misalignment the client can heal faster and is less prone to injure himself again Pilates is accessible to anyone, young or old, athletic, sedentary or in physical therapy, pregnant women, etc.

Physical therapists, sports injury experts, chiropractors and orthopedist have discovered Pilates training as a way for their clients to prevent or recover from deep tissue injuries. Enthusiasts report relief from back, neck and arthritis pain. Additionaly, some of the exercises are particularly beneficial for women because they strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor, important to help relieve incontinence and pre and post partum.

Focusing in the Powerhouse (abdomen, lower back and buttocks) and in maintaining the natural curves of the spine helps athletes and people with physically demanding jobs to prevent and/or reduce injury. The method reeducate postural muscles by strengthening the core, creating length in the spine and creating a stable foundation from where to move, also improves flexibility and range of motion.