Pilates and Physical Therapy

Recent research supports Pilates as an appropriate intervention for common orthopedic and neurology injures, when is compared to other common forms of rehabilitation, it has been equal if not superior in physical, psychological and disability measures. Clinically, practitioners have notice a range of successful outcomes with clients suffering a variety of aliments from Parkinson Disease to chronic Low Back pain with the help of Pilates.

The advantages of Pilates applied as technique in rehabilitation resides in the following aspects:

Pilates provides the flexibility to modify a functional activity like standing, rotating, walking, lifting etc, according with the physical condition of the client in conjunction with the indications and contraindications for specific pathologies (e.g. Spinal Disc Herniation, Rotator cuff tear, Sclerosis multiple, Stroke).

Pilates Provides Sub maximal physical activity decreasing overwork and fatigue that is present in other conventional exercise techniques. With the use of elastic resistance (e.g. springs and therabands), levers and modified postures, Pilates can modify the effect of the gravity creating a positive movement experience for special populations that cannot be over heated or fatigued.

Pilates focuses in treating the root of the problem. Emphasizing Core stability and neutral spine principles Pilates targets the deep muscles as transverse abdominals and multifidus correcting postural asymmetries, chronic weakness, preventing re-injury and bringing back balance to the body.


The physical Therapist will provide a complete postural and clinical assessment of the client. Combining critical reasoning, identifying objectives, and matching client goals an intervention plan will be designed that respond to the specific needs of the client and help him to return to activities that were limited prior to an injury or disease process. A holistic approach is used to address the body's imbalances. The Pilates Instructor will brake down the exercises from the classic Pilates choreography (mat and equipment) focusing in body mechanics, breathing, stabilization, neutral spine, alignment, core strengthening and reeducation of faulty postural habits thru movement. All Pilates and Rehab sessions are 30 min. long