What to expect the first time you take a class
at Smart Moves

"In 10 sessions you feel the difference,
in 20 sessions you see the difference,
and in 30 sessions you will have a new body"
-J. Pilates

At Smart Moves we specialize in personalized attention to each and every client addressing everybody's different needs and levels of fitness. You should expect to learn a series of exercises that work the entire body. Expect it to be efficient. You will obtain rapid and long lasting results. Plan to work rigorously with no impact to the joints. Prepare to strengthen and stretch your body during every exercise. Get ready to breathe deeply, achieve new levels of strength, developing and increasing the awareness of our body.

Smart Moves offers classes to suit all levels of experience, from the beginner to the athlete. With many group mat and equipment classes daily, the offerings include traditional plates mat/ equipment/ props and extend to phisioball, BOSU, foam rollers training, etc. Group instruction maintains the standard Kane School emphasis on proper biomechanics and muscular awareness.